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Individual Study Pack

Individual Study Pack

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The Forgotten Way is offered exclusively through this online store, and is not available at Amazon and other retailers.


The Self-Study Pack contains everything you need to take the 21-day journey of The Forgotten Way on your own or as a participant in a group. The Individual Self-Study Pack includes:

  • One (1) copy of The Forgotten Way Meditations, a beautifully printed paperback to lead you through 21 days on the Path of Yeshua for Power and Peace in This Life. (272 pages)
  • One (1) copy of The Forgotten Way Study Guide, A powerful and practical companion to the Meditations, the Study Guide will help you align to your identity as the Son or Daughter of the Father.

PLUS these digital resources ($20 Value):

  • The Forgotten Way Monologues (MP3). Explore each of The Forgotten Way's 5 Declarations through these audio recordings with Ted Dekker.
  • The Forgotten Way Sessions. In these five never before released one-hour recordings, Ted Dekker, Bill Vanderbush, and Kevin Kaiser discuss faith, life, and how The Forgotten Way turned their worlds upside down.
  • 21 Audio Sessions. Listen in as Ted unpacks the heart of each meditation. 10 minutes each, recorded for on the go listening. 

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