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Study Course for Groups (Kit)

Study Course for Groups (Kit)

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The Forgotten Way is offered exclusively through this online store, and is not available at Amazon and other retailers.


**Save 20% on additional participant study packs (includes The Forgotten Way Meditations and The Forgotten Way Study Guide) when you bundle them with your Group Kit.**


The Study Course for Groups is a simple, seven week kit designed to help small groups journey through The Forgotten Way together. We've created all of the materials so you can focus more time on the journey and less time preparing for your group.

You can use everything inside the kit starting Day 1 without the stress and time commitment it usually takes to prepare for a group. There's no more need to come up with discussion questions, scripture references, or group activities.

It's all taken care of for you. 

Each Study Kit Includes:

  • One (1) copy of The Forgotten Way Meditations. A beautifully printed 21-day devotional to lead you on the path of Yeshua for power and peace in this life (272 pages).
  • One (1) Forgotten Way Leader Guide. A practical step-by-step guide to leading a group through the seven week study.
  • One (1) Forgotten Way Participant Study Guide. Every weekly lesson includes video content to support and illustrate the study.
  • DVD with 7 Weeks of Video. Every weekly lesson includes a 10 min. video to support the study.
  • The Forgotten Way Monologues. Explore each of The Forgotten Way's 5 Declarations through these audio recordings with Ted Dekker.
  • 6 Bonus Podcast Recordings. In these never before released one hour recorded sessions, Ted, Bill Vanderbush, and Kevin Kaiser discuss faith, life, and how The Forgotten Way turned their worlds upside down.
  • 21 Audio Sessions. Listen in as Ted unpacks the heart of each meditation. 10 minutes each, recorded for on the go listening.   

How to Customize The Kit for Your Group

1. Decide how many participants you will have in your group. 

2. Select how many additional Study Packs you want to bundle with your kit.

A Study Pack includes one (1) copy of The Forgotten Way Meditations and one (1) copy of The Forgotten Way Study Guide. For example, if you have one leader and four others in the group, you would select "+4 Study Packs (Save 20%)" for your shopping cart.


3. Check out. 

Study Packs normally cost $29.99 when purchased separately. When you bundle them with your kit purchase, you will receive a 20% discount, which will be automatically applied when you checkout.




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